summer 2012 summer 2012 Cast cotton mandalas Cast cotton pulp, red cord, button 15x17 inches, 1.5 inches thick 164291176 Cast rainbow labyrinths Cast flax and abaca over rubber stamp of labyrinth, colored with walnut and fabric dyes 6 foot tall by 9 inches wide, 1 inch thick 164291177 Cyanotype leaves on canvas Skeletonized leaf prints of bodhi leaf, on cotton fabric, ironed onto black canvas. wall hanging 4x5 feet 164291178 Deer spine box-- spine of book I found an intact deer spine on the Lake Michigan beach, and decided to make it the spine of a book 16x9.5x2.5 inches camoflage cloth cover 164291179 Deer spine box-- foredge Forged steel clasp with bullet closure Deer hoof prints in ceramic running up the edge-- oxide washes on ceramic 164291180 Deer spine box-- inside cover Topographical map Shot-out targets on magnets Spinal needle in sheet lead inset-- needle is used to to a "spinal tap" between the lower vertebrae to activate locking mechanism to inner compartment 164291181 Deer spine box-- inner compartment Copy O Zane Grey's "Deer Stalker" novel, wrapped in rawhide, military style compass, Comanche spearhead I found in Texas in the 1950's, whitetail deer taxidermy eyes in bed of natural wool 164291182 Deer spine box-- spinal tap Real spinal needle is inserted about where a real spinal tap would be done to activate the mechanism to open the inner compartment (hacksaw blade spring loaded catch) 164294263