St Rodentia reliquary St Rodentia reliquary front 185067463 rear 185067513 open Rodentia ("Rody") Patron saint of small mammals. I too a class on small mammals at OLLI 185067514 upper bandsaw box acorn pulls 185067515 box open 185067516 book slat s cut from inside of box acorn ornament in top paper on pages is handmade from my prairie patch Rodentia's Prayer Carpe quercum (seize the oak) et nux eterna ( nux=nut) deus balanus (balanus=acorn) Rodentia hymn to tune of Go tell aunt Rhody-- Go tell saint Rody the old gray squirrel is dead 185067517 book open refernece to Ratotoskr, ancient Norse squirrel who ran up and down the world tree to carry messages 185067518 nest abandoned robin's nest squirrel bones mica cover wool packed around 4 sacred nuts (walnut, acorn, hickory, buckeye 185067519 lens small bones and teeth 185067520 acorn mechanism walnut pull acorn inserted in hole in side to allow retraction of locking pin 185067521