Monkey box-- The Curious Case of George Monkey box-- The Curious Case of George Front exterior Hand forged hinges for eyebrows and ears. Eyes enameled discs with fish-eye door viewers. Ears with foam ear plugs-- Hear No Evil. Cloth fringe hair and mustache. Steel berings for nose-- green cord is "booger pull" mechanism to open case 187759588 Mouth Coupled wave mechanisms with springs in back. Center shaft moves wave and says --Say No Evil 187759589 inner case Carved 3 monkeys on left inner door 187759591 Opening mechanism Pulling nostril cord from front retracts pin which holds upper doors closed 187759590 3 monkeys Three cams on shaft in middle compartment. These push up in sequence to activate monkeys. Shaft lead to crank on side of box. Handmade paper between monkeys to suggest grass. Hands are bottle caps from left hand brewing company 187759592 eye shades Tyvek shades cover eyes until raised by cords pull concealed by hair in front-- See No Evil 187759594 Rear of upper compartment Shats from middle compartment push the monkey head up and down, while sliders cause the arms to swing back and forth to cover mouth , ears , eyes in sequence. Painted sky background 187759595 Details of sliders 187759596