Bee hotel Bee hotel Garden projects have moved forward a month. Pleasant today, but with sinister future implications for future weather cycles and evolutionary responses. My new solitary bee hotel hopes to attract pollinators. If you know any needing better accommodations, send them my way. Cycles of life on a macro and micro level. Spring coming, but my favorite old cat dying in next room. A neighbor got old and moved on, so now I am the old timer here. Young man cleaning out that house was a maker-type, so I gave him several old power tools, which felt right. Trying times, but life goes on. 203869368 As a result of my first post of a bee hotel, I was asked for one for the kids at church. The PVC pipes provide space for children to put in their own materials to attract the bees. If I build it , will they come? 203869356 Third and final bee hotel for this season-- custom hotel sold as a service auction item at church fundraiser. My first hotel is filling up with guests, so this is definitely the time. Went more free-form this time. Purchaser wanted something to reference a paw, and to have a place to put in her own elements, so I combined those features at the top. This has been fun, but enough of real estate developments for this year, unless a new tax plan has special breaks for bee hotel properties 203975437 203975438