New work New work Dreamcatcher 71450541 Flaxloupe 73689739 faces--ceramic,steel,chain Bicycle chain and face pieces are movable on magnetic background 79639663 medical book slipcover Made from my old lab coat 86099209 medical book cover paper from old work clothes caterpillar stitches in old school colors old uniform button closure (stitch looks like millipede, which feeds on organic detritus) 86099210 medical book inside face with wire rim glasses, medical caduceus pin-pricked, shed snake skin mouth Book symbolizes shedding my old medical skin 86099212 netbook flax paper with natural walnut stain and embedded netting, window screening with "windows" cutouts, QWERTY stamped "keyboard", handbound handmade paper inside 96802672 netbook made a s blank journal alternative to electronic netbook. Donated to Morgan Paper Conservancy in Cleveland for benefit auction October 2010 96802673 Alphabet book Handmade paper book of alphabet in sprayed colored pulp on cotton base. Letters made in copper wire, laid on pulp, manipulated to form ridges, pulp sprayed from two directions, pressed, dried. 101224095 letter V page I got the idea for this technique from Andrea Peterson's "moon" papers, demonstrated at PBI at Arrowmont 2008. There is no surface texture left after pressing and drying, but they give the illusion of surface dimension. 101224096 letter G page 101224097 Fable My new granddaughter is named Fable Tryn, so I did her name in sprayed pulp 101224098 Tryn 101224099 Bach book Cover is flax paper dyed with walnut dye and turquoise fabric dye, textured, sealed with acrylic medium. Lettering is a Bach signature from an historical document, transferred to cyanotype on cotton cloth and sewn in. 109176916 Bach book This book was commissioned by a musical friend as a present for another musical friend. 109177829 Deer hoof gradient Ceramic tiles with deer hoof impressions, gradient of red iron oxide wash. bullets in pairs stalking the deer hooves. About 7 feet tall and six inches wide, wall mounted in our kitchen 110593099 walnut iching flax paper with walnut stain and red fabric dye with embossed iching 64 elements 119612177 Horizon book inside For entry to Guild of Bookworkers "Horizon " show . Piano player scroll with EKG rolls over axes with telescope and microscope. Drawer with compass, close-up mirror, chalk, "Powers of Ten" flipbook 119612178 Horizon book cover Fabric cover Rear of book is chalklboard 119612179 Biohazard book (cover) 121124800 Biohazard book (open) Panel of cross-sections set in black epoxy. Patterns of PVC pipe, pencils, dowels, gut. I was thinking of life cycles of viruses and parasites shown in medical textbooks. 121122720 Streetlady I found a corroded piece of metal on the street, which reminded me of a torso. Head is ceramic of mixed types of clay, with oxide wash. Deer joint feet. Assorted beads and cheap jewelry accessories. Glass marble and wood belly button. 121122721 PBI2011 auction gift Book/Box with cedar boards with inlay of pencils and PVC pipe in black epoxy 127429430 PBI2011 auction gift Leather spine held in with copper sheet 127429431 PBI2011 auction gift Detail of inlay 127430454