Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist


encaustic book2015

Next episode in learning new skills while waiting for injury to heal-- My wife took an encaustic wax painting class recently at Arrowmont Craft School , and had a really fun time. I got out her materials and did a series of about 40 experimental test tiles on gessoed book board, added process note labels, then made them into a book as a reference for future projects. Wax surfaces cannot be squeezed together without damage, so I made a hybrid structure with wood spacers on two sides. These make a satisfying clack when the book is closed, and the wide wooden edges had room for a marbled paper pattern. My usual pattern with experiments has been to throw them into a box, and forget how I got specific effects. My memory is not improving with age, so I need to be more anal. And what better way than a book!
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