Charles Wisseman, Mixed Media Artist


Moon goddess2016

Second part of the recycled moon piece-- the recycled moon goddess. The handmade moon papers are arranged to suggest a female form, with as many religious references as I could pack into this mythologic mashup. Moon goddesses are associated with night, water, fertility, agriculture. The blue frame refers to the vesica piscus (or mandorla) in Christian art, surrounding the virgin in blue. Piece is 5 foot 2, another female ideal. I was thinking of neolithic venus figure, chakras, Ariadne (spider web at bottom), Minoan bull-horn deity, portals, viking boat burials, esoteric and alchemical symbolism (water symbol, or feminist belt buckle in middle), medical scans, mummies, fish scales in esoteric teachings, rainbow inclusiveness, marriage of sun and moon in mythologies, fashion and wearable art, icons. As a Unitarian, I feel the freedom to embrace all symbolic systems. We named her Freya, Norse goddess of love and beauty, war and death, and welcome her into the family. All females deserve more respect than is evident in current political discourse.
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